Enacting Freshness in the UK & Portuguese Agri-food Sectors

Research Questions

The project will be addressing the following questions:

  1. How are competing discourses and multiple meanings of ‘freshness’ related to changing technologies (such as refrigeration and preservation, transportation and display)?
  2. How is freshness enacted at different stages of food production (including processing and manufacture, transport and distribution, marketing and retailing) and via different consumer practices (such as shopping, storing, cooking, eating and disposal)?
  3. How is freshness measured, monitored and assessed by different actors along the supply chain, whether by technical means (such as date labels or formal risk management procedures) and/or via more tacit and embodied forms of knowledge (such as the skills and competencies that consumers use in different settings)?
  4. How are the meanings of freshness constructed and contested (including their commercial, social and environmental significance)?